The environment and the challenges it faces have always been one of the most significant issues humankind has faced. In the 21st century, safeguarding the environment has been regarded as one of the 8 development goals of the millennium as well as one of the three basic parts of sustainable development. Thus, the Secretariat of the Danesh International Student Academic Seminar of 2020 has decided to embark on endeavors related to environmental issues.


  • devoting as much attention as possible toward environmental issues and sustainable development

  • presenting practical strategies for environmental issues

  • identifying the impacts mankind has had on the environment

  • providing the grounds for innovations and inventions related to the environment

  • an introduction to the modern ways to fight environmental crises

Our Recommendations:

  • Renewable energies (i.e. solar power, wind turbines, etc.)

  • Global warming

  • The extinction of wildlife in Iran

  • Waste

  • Water resources and wetlands

  • Pollution

  • Dust

General Regulations

  • Only high school students are allowed to present articles.

  • Students are free to choose any subject they wish in the field of environmental studies.

  • Registrants have to be from the same school or research center and also of the same gender.

  • Registration is required to be completed before the deadline designated by the Danesh International Student Academic Seminar.

  • Students are required to follow the regulations of the Danesh International Student Academic Seminar.

  • The outcome of research has to be an idea or a practical solution or strategy. Our goal at the Danesh International Student Academic Seminar is to support creativity rather than merely gather data.