Physics, chemistry, geology and biology are branches of fundamental sciences students can present research papers about to the Danesh International Student Academic Seminar.

Fundamental science refers to a series of sciences which study the basics of phenomena and their nature, principles and correlations. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, philosophy, logic, biology, linguistics and geology are regarded as the most prominent of such sciences.

These orientations mean to achieve the following objectives:

  • pay as much attention as possible to fundamental science

  • gaining more knowledge of the philosophy of science

  • becoming acquainted with new fields and novel areas in fundamental science

  • enhancing creativity and inventions in fundamental science


  • Only high school students are permitted to submit articles.

  • Students are free to choose any subject relevant to the topics designated by the seminar.

  • Co-authors must be from the same school/research facility and of the same gender.

  • Students are required to follow all regulations for article submission in accordance with the principles provided by the Danesh Student Scientific Seminar.